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College Students making money between clsses

I'm a student at Kennesaw State, would like to share this with all the students in colleges. I began this with my classmates 3 months ago and now we are teaching others to follow our plan. It's very simple. I began like this: we all set up an account on CashCrate In the beginning of class we all sit-down and spend 5 minutes as a group to make $1 We begin a competition: We all wanted to find out who's going to stick with this program for one month, with a single roll and that was you had to do it each day for no more than the 30 minutes only! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After one month we came out this: Name Time Money By Month Tony 5 min/day $1 /day $30/month Amanda 20 min/day $5 /day $150/month Allen 25 min/day $6 /day $180/month Name: Time: 0:00 Money: $ By Month Tony: 5 min/day $1/day $30/month Amanda 20 min/day $5/day $150/month Alen: 25 min/day $6/day $180/month No one spent more