College Students making money between clsses

I'm a student at Kennesaw State, would like to share this with all the students in colleges. I began this with my classmates 3 months ago and now we are teaching others to follow our plan. It's very simple. I began like this: we all set up an account on CashCrate
In the beginning of class we all sit-down and spend 5 minutes as a group to make $1 We begin a competition: We all wanted to find out who's going to stick with this program for one month, with a single roll and that was you had to do it each day for no more than the 30 minutes only!

After one month we came out this:

Name Time Money By Month
Tony 5 min/day$1 /day $30/month
Amanda 20 min/day $5 /day $150/month
Allen 25 min/day $6 /day $180/month

Name: Time: 0:00 Money: $ By Month
Tony: 5 min/day $1/day $30/month
Amanda 20 min/day $5/day $150/month
Alen: 25 min/day $6/day $180/month

No one spent more than 30 min a day. No we are working to teach more students. SO what do you think about our Study? Have you ever tried to do anything like this?
So if you are interested in making money just like this, click right here:

1) CashCrate
2) create an account
3) start making money Today!

Just to be sure, you have to do this for one month to see the results, and after that, please come back and post a copy of your check to prove to others how you did! Thank you very much and good luck! Oh you are part of a research, if we see results, I will be able to show my teacher that it works for others also! Thank you.


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