Continue to learn online marketing for your home business.

Where Do i Start From?

You don't have to have a Diploma or a Degree to Run you own online Business. All you have to have a hart to work hard! Improve your technical skills and Strategies so you can take your online business to the next lever.

----- Learn how to do a proper research
----- Build a website for Mobile users
----- Monetize it so you can pot that back into the website
----- and Continue to grow Traffic to your website

(i will try to get back and talk about each bullet point more in depth) some of the information will be posted on DayCake Income.

Most Important factor in any business is Traffic!
                                 With out any traffic -- there is no Business!

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 Start learning how to Use Twitter , FacebookInstagram as one of your Marketing techniques.

 All of this information I have learned through ready and talking to people on the Wealthy Affiliate website. Eventually I started to implement what I was learning.

For an example : This webpage was setup to function as a back-link to my original website

Why do you need pages like this one?

This should be a  part of your free Online Marketing techniques. The more back links that you can create to your website the better ranking your page is going to be.  If you could use these kind of pages to connect with more people on a same topic, the larger the circle you end up with.

Eventually we will talk about your personal connection with your website, the google pages, your personal posts, the network,  the circle of friends and so on....

if you have any questions, please email me through


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