Free and Easy Money Making Opportunity (FEMMO)

3 Steps How to Make Easy Money Online:

I will walk you through the posses!

I do not want to waist you time or mine, therefore I will show you directly, step by stem how I’m making money online. What do you have to loose? Not a dime!

Step 2:

First of all, you need to find various affiliated website. The nest stage is to join the site you found. Make sure the site you are joining is free, no coast to you. After joining the site, they will provide you with a link. the link would consist of their webadress/ followed by your reference id. Reference id could be numbers, your user id, or both. The link with your id, directs other to the affiliated site. That is how you make money. Anyone sings up for the same affiliated program through your link, you get money. Therefore, find the best affiliated site that you can profit off by referring people. You want the top dollar for the work you do... Might as well, get more affiliated links and make money twice as fast. .

Here are some of the best Affiliated programs, however it does not stop here

1. Wealthy Affiliate 

2. Cash Crate

3. Direct Matches

4. WebSite ws

5. 5 Minutes Per-day

6. ZenZuu

7. YuWie

8. Score At Will

9. and many more

3 Steps to make easy money:

I do not want to waist time, so I will show you directly how I’m making money online… free and easy.

Stage 3:

This stage is very simple, however is most important. Build a website. You might ask why? It’s because you want one site link all the affiliated programs together. So you don’t have to advertise ten different sites to make money. Market one site. Bring traffic to it and let the site make you money. You just relax and let the money come to you.

You might say I do not have money and experience to make a site… don’t worry. There are free web hosting available. So make a site here are some of free hosting websites




4. and so on

Bring Traffic

After you set up a website, you need traffic! Traffic is people or in other worlds the visitors who bring you the money. So you need to advertise, promote, and market your site.

This is where majority of home baste business fail the most. Lots of people think, if the website is up, people come. Not true! You have to go get them... It’s not that simple. You have to tell some one that your site is up. You have to make sure, some one look at you site. And only after that, people will begin to talk about it. Eventually your website will become creditable, very popular, theater you have nothing to do, but sit and count the money.

Here are some sites that you can start usuing to advertise your website, and once again it’s free... Uses what ever you like, just do not forget advertise your site. At least once a day tell some one about it, and you will be doing great.

1. Trafic Gaint Pro

2. Trafic G

3. YuWie

4 Trafic Zap

5. trafic

Note from me to you:

Do not give up, it take some time for people start talking about your site or your product... So keep promoting and you will be successful


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